September 25, 2009

Red Onion on Linen finds new home

I am pleased to announce that my painting Red Onion on Linen will be in its new home shortly.

The collector, an artist and illustrator herself, had admired the painting for quite a while. When she learned it was available , she snapped it up.
This painting was completed as a homework assignment for a color workshop I had taken in the Summer. I set the onion on top of a white cloth with a dark brown back drop. The onion wouldn't stand on its own, so I grabbed a stretched belgian linen canvas and propped the onion up against it. The hot lights made the onions leaves wilt so I had to work fast at capturing the beautiful undulating curves. After my first session, I realized that the overall light key was too cool, so I added some warm colors to the light areas and pushed some darker cools in the shadow areas and the painting started to sing.

Thanks Angela. I hope the painting adds to the warmth of your living room.

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