April 22, 2009

Portrait Sketch Sold to Friend and New Fan.

This week, my Painting Maria with Red Bandanna was sold to Dr. and Mrs. Robert Thomson of Chestnut Hill, PA. Christine, an acquaintance of mine, saw the piece at my house and immediately wanted it for her art collection.

I thanked her for the sale and told her I’d frame, sign, and deliver the art to her home pronto. Christine greeted me at her door with wild-eyed anticipation and child-like enthusiasm. As I walked into her home, I was struck by the couple’s love of fine art and humbled that my piece would find a nice home in their awe-inspiring collection of paintings and sculptures.

Soon after I delivered it, Christine took a picture of the piece hanging on her wall and emailed it to me along with some other thoughts on my work.

J.T. Harding’s work is compelling to me on many levels. His minimal brush work creates a clarity that brings depth to his subjects: portraiture, landscapes and still life that can easily be overlooked in the hands of less skilled artists.

Maria with Red Bandanna is an important addition to our art collection and captivated me for these reasons as well as J.T.’s ability to bring to his work a story with emotion, character and mystery that adds depth and meaning to a moment in time he captures on canvas."

It is so gratifying to see how appreciative people are of art and how it can make a house a home. It is particularly inspiring seeing the art you made adding enjoyment to someone's life for years to come. Thanks again to the Thomsons for making me want to create even more.

April 9, 2009

In Memoriam of Donald Irving

Donald Gilbert Irving 76
(July 29, 1932 - March 7, 2009)

Last Summer, I was invited by my friend to visit her on Cape Cod and paint a portrait of her father Don Irving. Don was in late stages of prostate cancer and was suffering, not only from the cancer, but the ravaging effects of drugs and therapy. Regardless, Donald showed his strengths of character and zest for life throughout my visit.

After getting to know him better, and observing his interests, I knew that I simply had to paint him
reading the morning paper. Don was a big Red Sox fan and he loved to read about the upcoming game among other things. We positioned him in a comfortable chair with natural light streaming in from the back yard door. Pammy, his daughter, cut fresh flowers from her early summer garden and placed them in a vase on the side table. It was important to also paint in a very special ring that Don's wife had given to him during their marriage. During the visit, I did studies and took pictures and finished the painting after my return home. The portrait was unveiled at the family's Thanksgiving dinner and now hangs framed in Pam's house. She has told me on several occasions that having his portrait has provided comfort and remembrance during her time of grieving. A print will be made and framed for Don's other Daughter, Brenda. Donald fought the good fight and will be missed by many... including me.


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