October 20, 2009

Artist challenged to paint commissioned work of daisies

Montauk Daisies
2009, Oil on Canvas on Board, 16 x 12"

Signed lower left. Harding 09'

For clients who want to own an original Harding painting, yet want a specific subject portrayed, I offer a commission service.

Montauk Daisies is a good example of this. The client loved what they saw in another painting I did of Roses, yet their favorite flowers were Daisies.

So much so, they even have daisies painted on their fingernails. Since the fall was coming I found Montauk Daisies, which typically bloom in October. The name of these daisies conjured up images of fresh-picked flowers at a seashore beach house. So I placed the setup on a windowsill, poured sand in the bottom of the vase, and put two seashells in the foreground. Sun, streaming in through the window, completed the feeling of warmth I wanted to convey.

Currently, I am also working on commissioned paintings of a young gymnastic star and a cityscape painting of the Philadelphia sports complexes.

Have you always wanted an original painting of a family member, pet, or favorite vacation spot? Challenge me to paint what you have in mind today.

October 14, 2009

More color study workshops with Jafang Lu!

I'm back in class again with Jafang Lu for another intensive workshop on studying the effects of light on subjects. The intimate class, made up of 4 students and the teacher, is a great way to supercharge learning and practice techniques that will find their way into my more involved paintings. I was happy to learn that we will be doing some longer studies, even one up to 4 weeks. So, I will have some very finished pieces and some of these will be available at my online Etsy store.
Class 1

The first night we warmed up with two 45-minute studies, one of a ceramic milk jug, and the other of a blue coffee cup and

Jafang chose my next study of a blue bottle and lemon to paint over and demonstrate to the class how to simplify areas before adding more detail. Notice how elegant the shapes of color on the bottle culminate into depictions of reflections and transparency. My inclination is to start adding detail too soon which can be burdensome later on in the process.

Tune in next Wednesday. I'll be posting a study of a beautiful Conch shell!


Class 2
Conched Out
2009, Oil on Canvas on Board, 12 x 12"
(Signed lower right - Harding 09')

Tune in next
week. I'll be posting a study of a brown bag lunch!

Class 3Brown Bag Lunch2009, Oil on Canvas, 16 x 20"
(Signed lower left - Harding 09')

Tune in next
week. I'll be posting a painting of some Halloween gourds.


Class 4October Still
2009, Oil on Canvas, 12 x 12"
(Signed lower left - Harding 09')

Tune in next week. I'll be posting a painting of some Stone Harbor memories.

Bid on this painting!

Class 5,6,7

Stone Harbor Memories2009, Oil on Canvas, 11 x 11"
(Signed lower right - Harding 09')
(C) 2009 JT Harding

This painting was worked up in three classes. The first class, we did a color study and the next two classes, we worked up the finished painting. Next, I'll be working on a 5 session still life. Ugh!



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