September 4, 2010

A blog about artists and their inspiration

In a previous post I've theorized that the there are four key ingredients to an artist; Lifestyle, Influences, Technique, and Inspiration. Collectively, these traits produce works of art that appeal to people and organizations with like minds. In this blog, I will concentrate on how important inspiration is for the artist, whether they be a painter, interior designer, sculptor, musician, or craftsman.  Mostly I'll focus on representational painters but I firmly believe in cross-pollinating ideas so we can learn and apply good ideas from related industries.  Inspiration comes in many forms, sizes, and ways.  It it both fleeting and steady.  It can make the difference between an average execution and one that seems divinely inspired. If we can learn more about inspiration, we can harness it to help us be more prolific and masterful.  

I welcome the opportunity to hear from readers on what they'd like to learn about, get comments on articles, and contribute to the discussion.  My plan is to feature deceased artists and interview living artist about their own ideas about inspiration.

Thanks for becoming a regular reader.  Please feel free to email me or leave your ideas by commenting below!



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