September 25, 2009

Red Onion on Linen finds new home

I am pleased to announce that my painting Red Onion on Linen will be in its new home shortly.

The collector, an artist and illustrator herself, had admired the painting for quite a while. When she learned it was available , she snapped it up.
This painting was completed as a homework assignment for a color workshop I had taken in the Summer. I set the onion on top of a white cloth with a dark brown back drop. The onion wouldn't stand on its own, so I grabbed a stretched belgian linen canvas and propped the onion up against it. The hot lights made the onions leaves wilt so I had to work fast at capturing the beautiful undulating curves. After my first session, I realized that the overall light key was too cool, so I added some warm colors to the light areas and pushed some darker cools in the shadow areas and the painting started to sing.

Thanks Angela. I hope the painting adds to the warmth of your living room.

September 12, 2009

Columbia over the Schuylkill Completed

In early August, my friend Zack and his Mother, told me they were out painting a bridge over the Schuylkill River, so I joined them the following day.

The view from the West River Drive side of the Schuylkill was exceptional for a great composition, and in fact was painted from this very view by several artist's in the past.

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Rather than trying to capture the entire span of the bridge, I chose to focus on the interesting convergence of the bridge, land, and trees on the other side of the river. In particular, I found the sun-lit patch of grass near the bridge to be a great focal point.
After two Plein Air sessions, to establish the composition and color relationships, I finished this in my studio on September, 10th.

A little history on the Bridge.

The graceful concrete arches of the Columbia Bridge carry the main stem of the former Reading Railroad over the Schuylkill River into Philadelphia. Built between 1917 and 1921, the bridge was a critical link between the Reading's passenger terminal in Philadelphia and the shops and freight yards in the City of Reading in Berks County. The current bridge is the third bridge on its site and crosses the Schuylkill just below the famed Regatta Course along Kelly Drive in Fairmount Park.

This was my first finished Landscape painting since 2007 and I hope to do more, although my next focus will be on people within the Landscape. So, keep your eyes peeled ...

September 4, 2009

Summer's Finale Sold

I painted this from life on a Monday and Tuesday, posted it on facebook on Wednesday and it sold on Friday. This was my first floral painting. Hmmm, maybe I should do more like this?

Summer's Finale
2009 Oil, On Canvas, 16 x 12"



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